About Us.

Novidea is the company behind the first and only end-to-end, data-driven and customer-centric platform for the insurance distribution market.

As insurance professionals, we saw how technology limitations were forcing agents and brokers to make decisions based on guesswork. With business data scattered across multiple outdated software systems, there was no way to capture opportunities in real time, operate efficiently, or even assess profitability – and customers expected more.

Today we serve global brokerages, agencies, bancassurance and corporate risk management operations servicing more than 10M policies worldwide. Novidea has offices in the UK and US, with R&D based in Israel.

The Reality.

As commissions and margins have become more squeezed, regulation and competition has intensified, and customers have come to demand more responsive service, insurance distribution professionals can no longer afford guesswork — they need data.
We developed the Novidea platform specifically to address those needs.

Novidea is the only global platform for managing the entire insurance distribution lifecycle across ALL lines of business. It promotes operational and customer service excellence and delivers full visibility into the entire customer journey.

Novidea gives you the actionable insights you need to optimize every interaction, capturing
not only more revenue, but also boosting customer retention and renewal rates.

The Value.

Novidea’s fully integrated platform enables unprecedented growth and empowers insurance professionals to:

• Manage every aspect of the business workflow – from leads to policy management to claims to accounting - with one seamless cloud-based toolset

• Increase sales, renewals ratios and bottom-line profitability across all lines of business

• Access and act on real-time business intelligence any time, from any device

• Streamline fragmented systems into a single, secure and reliable platform