Jerome Ormonde, Director

"We stay ahead when it comes to understanding, managing and growing the business."

For more than fifty years, M&N Insurance Service Ltd has provided a full range of insurance products for personal and commercial property and liability, as well as specialty financial solutions for mortgages, pensions, life and investments, high net worth insurance and private medical insurance.

"A key issue for us is that we have multiple departments: health, life, pensions, investments and general insurance, and we needed one solution that brings it all together into one system with live data. We wanted a full cycle solution for all areas of our business, all in real time and all automated.  Novidea massively improves how we manage the overall efficiency of the business. Ultimately, Novidea gives us a competitive edge. This ensures that we stay ahead of other brokers when it comes to understanding, managing and growing the business.”

Jerome Ormonde, Director

Yehuda Shavit, Director and Head of Innovation

“Technology excellence that accelerates business success“

Since its inception in 1995, Leaderim Insurance has engaged in all classes of personal lines and commercial insurance, providing professional service to its clients in various fields including commerce, industry, services, and financial services. Being part of the Assurex Global network, Leaderim excels in providing global coverage and innovative solutions to its customers.

“For us, Novidea is all about innovative technology that empowers our business. A powerful and robust platform suite that provides us with the agility and scalability we are looking for. Responding to market changes, offering new business lines or adapting to regulatory changes have become simple tasks with BrokerEdge, a key to our business success”

Yehuda Shavit, Director and Head of Innovation

Shay Simkin ACII, Managing Director Howden IL

“A platform that revolutionizes working patterns”

Howden Broking Group is an ambitious, dynamic and highly competitive global provider of a range of specialist insurances. With 122 offices in 43 countries, The Howden Broking Group comprises a wholesale and reinsurance model built on a series of global hubs and local retail capability in a number of countries. It is the company structure, culture, and people in offices across the world that allow it to solve tough problems for clients and provide exceptional services wherever they are. Novidea’s brokerage management platform serves a number of Howden Broking Group's offices in the EU, Middle East and Asia.

“Novidea’s Brokerage Management Platform enabled us to revolutionize our working patterns. It has helped streamline policy lifecycle management and provide unprecedented real-time visibility and control of every aspect of our business. It is a holistic solution that enables us to grow our business without growing in human resources.”

Shay Simkin ACII, Managing Director Howden IL


"Novidea’s platform helps us grow our bottom line"

Marsh is a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, bringing global, national, and industry-specific solutions. For more than 140 years, Marsh has grown by helping clients anticipate and meet the challenges of changing times and technologies. Marsh offers risk management, risk consulting, insurance broking, alternative risk financing, and insurance program management services to businesses, government entities, organizations, and individuals around the world. 

 “Novidea’s platform made a huge impact on our business. It allows us to optimize our policy management, claims tracking and financial operations workflow.  It has saved us time and energy by giving us a true 360-degree view into our business in real-time, which help us grow our bottom line.”

Gabi Grant, CFO, Marsh Israel

Moran Setton, Founder & CEO

"Achieving exceptional growth through automation"

Four Seasons Financial Planning, part of The IBI Group, specializes in professional, reliable and multi-disciplinary financial planning. We strive for one goal: to find optimal solutions and the financial products best suited to the individual needs of our customers. Four Seasons Financial Planning offers its customers professional and dependable teams that accompany them over the long run. By arranging customer investment channels and designing a 360˚ long term plan tailored to all of life’s stages, we ensure a safe and secure financial future for our customers.

“In a highly competitive landscape, every company is looking for ways to do more with less. Our goal was to find a system that would enable us to work faster and increase productivity without adding personnel. Novidea’s AgentWise is an incredibly versatile solution that through automation gave us the competitive edge, helping us achieve exceptional growth.”

Moran Setton, Founder & CEO

Tali Barami, CEO

“A remarkable Return on Investment”

Allied Insurance has been a market leader in automotive insurance since its founding in 1975. The key to the company's success is its exceptional service to both individual and commercial customers and its industry-specific expertise. Whether it is insurance sales, customer service, claims management or billing and collection, Allied Insurance deals with high volume transactions.

“We have been using Novidea’s AgentWise for almost three years now and since launching the system, we have experienced significant growth in both our policy sales and renewals KPIs while at the same time optimizing and streamlining our operational processes, contributing to a remarkable ROI.”

Tali Barami, CEO


“Novidea is helping us provide excellent service through streamlined operations”

Napa Insurance is a leading life, health and long term savings insurance agency serving a wide range of customers, from individuals to large commercial accounts. By providing customers with continuous insurance portfolio optimization, a flexible insurance model and personalized solutions, we contribute to customers’ cost reduction of insurance and increased overall savings.

“For quite some time we were looking for an Agency Management System that would help us improve our efficiency. Being a market veteran, yet a continuously growing organization, our top priority was to streamline our policy and client management processes. We introduced AgentWise in the company in 2013 and since then it has been providing us with outstanding results. AgentWise’s advanced tools, processes and automations expedite our work, contributing to better customer service and increased loyalty.“

Yuval Katzir, CEO