Hear Hyperion’s Success Story

“Novidea allows us to think strategically - where we are trying to get to and what data will us get there. With Novidea’s proven agency management solution, you’ve now got one place to go and one source of the truth. It’s a logical solution.”

- Lyn Grobler, Group CIO, Hyperion


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Read M&N’s Broker Management Case Study

“Novidea massively improves how we manage the overall efficiency of the business. Ultimately, Novidea gives us a competitive edge. This ensures that we stay ahead of other brokers when it comes to understanding, managing and growing the business.”

-Jerome Ormonde, Director, M&N


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Bottom-Line Results For Marsh

“Novidea’s platform made a huge impact on our business. It allows us to optimise our policy management, claims tracking and financial operations workflow.  It has saved us time and energy by giving us a true 360-degree view of our business in real-time, which helps us grow our bottom line.”

Gabi Grant, CFO, Marsh IL



Howden Gains An Edge With Novidea

“Novidea’s platform enabled us to streamline policy lifecycle management and provide unprecedented real-time visibility and control of every aspect of our business. It is a holistic solution, consolidating the front and back office that enables us to compete in an ever changing, dynamic environment and grow our business.”

- Shay Simkin ACII, Managing Director Howden IL


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Leaderim Simplifies Agency Management


“For us, Novidea is all about innovative technology that empowers our business. It’s a powerful and robust platform that provides us with the agility and scalability we’re looking for. Responding to market changes, offering new business lines or adapting to regulatory changes have become simple tasks with Novidea, a key to our business success.”


- Yehuda Shavit, Director and Head of Innovation,  Leaderim Insurance


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