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  • Salesforce – far more than a sales tool

    When you hear the name Salesforce, what do you think? A sales and marketing tool, a customer service solution, or a complete business platform?

  • Novidea welcomes Kate Current as Head of Customer Success in the U.S.

    I’m delighted to announce that an exceptional insurtech veteran will be joining our U.S. team to lead our Customer Success efforts going forward. Kate Current brings over 20 years of experience building extraordinary customer experiences for insurance technology customers. We are thrilled to have her build the same here at Novidea.

  • Novidea selected for Global InsurTech100

    The InsurTech100 list outlines the most innovative technology solutions that are redefining the insurance sector today. The competition was fierce this year, with a panel of industry experts reviewing thousands of InsurTechs, worldwide.

  • Agency automation in three easy letters: API

    Remember back in the 90s when the plug-and-play was the new big deal in personal computing? You could buy a laptop, for example, and then all the peripherals or software tools you wanted to add to it were immediately compatible and ready to literally (remember wires?) or figuratively plug in. And if over time you need a bigger hard drive or better video card, just pop it in and you’re on your way. It’s expected now, but at the time it was a big step forward.

  • Five must-haves for tomorrow’s insurance agent

    Large-scale disruption is already here in insurance. You’re no longer just up against the agency across town. Your real competition is now the digital startups and direct-distribution players who are leapfrogging ahead in terms of customer experience, efficiency, and technology.

  • Three disruptors, one solution: why tech will carry agents into the future

    Agencies are feeling the pressure from every direction. Online rivals are selling directly to customers, and consumers expect a high-tech, always-on experience in all areas of their lives - including insurance. What’s more, carriers are squeezing in on the customer relationships agencies establish. Some are selling directly to customers, while others let you sell, then they service - effectively removing the agent from the equation after the hard work is done.

  • Transformation without trauma: let’s take the fear out of the future of insurance

    We’re in the middle of a major disruptive phase as digital competitors and digital-first consumers apply new pressures to every aspect of how agencies operate.