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Novidea welcomes Kate Current as Head of Customer Success in the U.S.


I’m delighted to announce that an exceptional insurtech veteran will be joining our U.S. team to lead our Customer Success efforts going forward. Kate Current brings over 20 years of experience building extraordinary customer experiences for insurance technology customers. We are thrilled to have her build the same here at Novidea.

As adoption of the Novidea Smart AMS accelerates in the US, it will be vital for us to nurture our customer relationships and ensure a positive experience at onboarding, as customers scale, and as the platform is updated and enhanced. Kate’s expertise will ensure we succeed at every step, and she will set the ideal tone for our customer-facing endeavors.

Kate is a proven performer with astonishing energy. Over the past 13 years at Zywave, she expanded their success and support teams by 400% to over 60 team members and built both remote and international support models. As VP of Enterprise Customer Success at Zywave, Kate and her teams have worked with all 100 of the top 100 U.S. insurance agencies and improved retention by 7%. She also launched Zywave’s first net promoter scoring program.

Here’s what she had to say about her new role with us:

“When I look at the future of insurtech and how brokers and insurance businesses need to operate, I think a lot hinges on being able to understand the customer at a deeper level and anticipate their needs. I see the Novidea Smart AMS as a leader in that regard. Its modular foundation on Salesforce will ensure it keeps pace with the industry, with business needs, and with the expectations of digital-first consumers. I’m really looking forward to helping Novidea customers take maximum advantage of everything we have to offer.”