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Novidea cloud insurance platform built on Salesforce

Leveraging the power, flexibility and scale of Salesforce, Novidea's cloud insurance platform delivers strategic advantages that only Big Technology can provide.

Big Technology is the future

For too long, many insurance businesses have been relying on outdated legacy platforms they either built themselves or purchased from niche vendors. However, while some of these proprietary systems were good in their day, they lack the power and flexibility to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving market.

This is where Big Technology comes in.

What is Big Technology?

Big Technology harnesses the scale and versatility of software providers, such as Salesforce, Oracle, or Microsoft, to leverage their application ecosystems and substantial R&D budgets in a way that proprietary software vendors simply cannot do.

Specialist insurance software providers, such as Novidea, can then build on Big Technology to create the functionality needed for their specific industry.

Tailored for Insurance Brokers

At Novidea, we saw how Big Technology could be transformational for insurance. That’s why we chose to take the zero-code, drag-and-drop infrastructure of Salesforce and supercharge it for brokers and MGAs with a low-cost, high powered, and universally flexible solution.

Salesforce has invested millions in developing the world’s best multi-language, multi-currency ecosystem, delivering the very best in terms of security, compliancy, and availability. Its rich analytics and development tools, coupled with its world-renowned CRM, gave Novidea an infinite canvas to create the best customer-centric, data-driven, cloud insurance platform.

How can you benefit?

With Big Technology, Novidea gives you 360-degree control and insight into your business. Built on a single, fully integrated platform and tailored specifically for your needs, you can manage every process, every customer, and every stage of the insurance lifecycle, anytime and anywhere.

Uniquely, by integrating the front and back office into one ecosystem, you can streamline operations to drive greater efficiencies at every level. Cloud technology enables remote access to all your data, with seamless upgrades and modular plug-in functionality as required, and zero hardware costs.

Powerful and flexible Management Information tools also give you the actionable intelligence and insights you need to drive growth and optimise every customer interaction.

Novidea's Cloud Insurance Platform gives you...

  • A single, cloud-based, data first insurance broker software tailored for your entire business
  • All customer data and business insights accessible from any device, anywhere, any time
  • Zero hardware costs and no proprietary supplier code
  • Modular plug-ins to add additional functionality as needed
  • Constant development from Salesforce’s R&D
  • Seamless upgrades
  • World-class security and compliance across international markets