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An insurance broker using Novidea's insurance portal software

Novidea’s client portal provides a branded, secure way to give your customers a more complete, convenient, and seamless service.

Why Novidea?

With Novidea’s insurance portal software, you can offer your customers a seamless self-service experience, with easy access to all their documentation and data, from anywhere and anytime.

The portal’s rich functionality enables you to provide an enhanced service while reducing the time, costs, and resources otherwise needed to manage customer needs.

A tailored user experience

Your client portal will be designed to match your website, allowing you to keep the customer experience consistent with your other brand touchpoints.

All fields can be set up in the way you want, with secure access from any device to customers’ policy portfolios and other key information, such as renewals, claims, policies, quotes, broker contact details, and more.

A single source of data

The Novidea platform is fully integrated across your front- and back-office, including the portal. This ensures zero data lag for customers, so they see the same live information as your team within your system, the moment it is entered.

In addition, whenever customers make or request changes to their accounts through the portal, your team is instantly notified and can respond accordingly.

Generate inbound and cross-selling opportunities

The insurance portal software can also be used to present customers with information, such as articles, videos, whitepapers, and other marketing materials.

You can then easily track user activity and create dialogue between customers and brokers to uncover their areas of interest, so that your team can grow the account through cross- and up-sell opportunities.