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London Market insurance brokers travelling to work

A single, consolidated, data-first platform, covering every aspect of your business, including CRM, workflow, DMS, MI and reporting, that is fully adaptable and customisable through Open APIs.

Broking has changed – have you?

The advent of technology initiatives, such as Lloyd’s Blueprint Two and electronic placement, has opened the door for London Market insurance brokers to conduct business more efficiently and more profitably than ever before, with COVID-19 greatly accelerating the uptake of next generational technologies.

However, some brokers are still struggling to take full advantage of these opportunities, still relying on outdated, siloed systems that impede their business processes and negotiations with London Market insurers.

A single solution for your business

Novidea provides a single, data-driven platform for London Market insurance brokers to manage the entire placement and administrative lifecycle. This includes full integration in line with Lloyd’s Blueprint Two, Electronic Placing via PPL and Whitespace, as well as Bordereau, policy production and claims, right through to IBA accounting with central settlement. 

By consolidating your processes across all commercial business and personal lines, and by integrating front- and back-office operations into a single ecosystem, you can optimise your risk management workflows and deliver a seamless, more customer-centric service.

Furthermore, by leveraging cloud-based technology, the platform gives you a truly international solution for all domestic and overseas markets, plus the ability to host data in any country to mitigate local data legislation issues. 

Flexible and fully customisable

The Novidea platform has been tailor-made for London Market insurance brokers, covering everything you need to run a successful business, including an embedded CRM.

Its Open API framework means you get complete flexibility to integrate additional tools and functionality as required, with screens, reports, and tailored workflows for an automated and more efficient way of working. 

The ease of configuration of Novidea’s no-code solution also means that as your business expands, the platform can seamlessly evolve around it to support your continued growth, without the additional development and hardware costs you would get from a traditional software provider.

State-of-the-art business intelligence

The Novidea platform makes it easy to get a 360-degree perspective of your entire business, covering all management information, business intelligence and reporting, with a seamlessly integrated user-definable report builder.

The platform’s powerful AI-based analytics and customer dashboards give you an instant, detailed overview of each client or insurer, with the ability to pull in information from external sources, as required.

Not only does this enable London Market insurance brokers to manage accounts more effectively and increase client retention, but it frees up valuable time and resources to cross-sell and up-sell based on each clients’ needs.