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Insurance agent using Novidea's MGA insurance software in a meeting

Novidea provides an integrated platform for your entire MGA business, enabling you to streamline customer interactions and integrate your processes in a single, data-first solution.

Welcome to Novidea's MGA insurance software platform.

It’s time to streamline

To win in a crowded and complex market, efficiency is key. You need to streamline the underwriting process and get your innovative products to market faster. You need automated systems that are smarter, easier to use, and integrate every aspect of your business, end-to-end.

To differentiate your offering and win the right type of customer for a more balanced and profitable portfolio, you need more than siloed, outdated systems and a basic quote and bind website. You need a data-first, cloud-based MGA insurance software solution with the flexibility, functionality, and scalability to support your growth ambitions while keeping costs at a minimum. 

You need Novidea. 

Your winning solution

Many legacy software solutions can handle different aspects of MGA business. However, this often adds significant cost and time by forcing you to work with multiple suppliers, as well as dealing with system integration issues. 

How can Novidea help?

With Novidea, you get a single, complete MGA insurance software solution that integrates every aspect of your business, including quote and bind, to policy issuance, premium processing, claims and financial accounting, as well as a built-in, flexible portal

This enables you to work seamlessly with your customers and in-house team, with a single, live, shared source of data and streamlined workflows, document generation and management information, including Bordereau reporting.

The tools to succeed

Our Open API architecture enables you to work more collaboratively and efficiently with brokers and capacity providers, providing seamless integration of multiple insurance products with your rating engine, as well as premium processing and claims handling. 

The platform also offers a powerful rules and rating engine, if needed, that streamlines the quote and bind process. Built to save you time and costs, the system automatically calculates premiums and assesses risk, and generates comparison quotes, and provides all necessary document management, workflows, and underwriting functionalities.

You can launch products directly to end-customers using our robust, self-service portals built on Salesforce Community Cloud. They are seamlessly integrated, simple to set up and use, and benefit from automatic compliance updates and access rights. 

All back-office functions are fully integrated, with advanced analytics and reporting tools that enable you to assess the health of your book at any time. This gives you actionable, data-driven insights that help you to focus your efforts on the most profitable business and drive efficiency across your entire operations.